Harlan T Wood

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Human Potential

Self Transformation

  • Clairvision School - Deeply spiritual transformation work for the truly intense seeker. Really a spiritual university with a multitude of possible tracks. Samuel Sagan, who founded the school, is a prolific genius and a living master. There is no limit to how deep you can go with this work.
  • Human Awareness Institute - deep, beautiful, trainings in Love, Sex, and Intimacy. Love is a miracle. HAI’s courses give incredible access, in a genuinely safe space, to connecting to the truly divine, the inspiring angel, inside each of us.
  • Landmark Education - The most advanced training in practical magic I have ever encountered. Also a fantastic foundation for those new to transformational work. Accessible to absolutely everyone, by design. See also the delicious Wisdom area: transformation as fun, ease and play.

Men and Women

  • PAX - Alison Armstrong is the most extraordinary clearing for genuine peace between men and women I have ever encountered. Most of her courses are for women only and some allow men as well. She also has extensive audio and video materials available, including many free samples on her website.
  • Mankind Project - New Warrior Training Adventure. Reclaiming the missing piece of being initiated as a man.
  • Women in Power - “Initiating ourselves to the predator within”, facing fears, embracing sacred predator/sacred prey; deep empowerment and reclaiming of life-force. I hear great things.