Harlan T Wood

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“I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process — an integral function of the universe.” – Buckminster Fuller

“We are as gods and might as well get good at it” – Stewart Brand

“Instead of praying for transcendence, let’s engineer transcendence.” – Jason Silva

I’m interested in large scale systems with distributed control. I take my inspiration from economics, politics, language, learning, culture and, of course, life itself. I’m most satisfied when I write software that borrows from such systems. I’m working on a distributed architecture that favors robustness over correctness. If you think you will miss correctness, consider these questions from the fields I mention:
What is the price of bread?
How are decisions made in a democracy?
Who puts meaning in metaphor?
What limits storage in a neural network?
Are folk tales true?
What stops an immune response?
Ward Cunningnam

“The future is open source everything.” – Linus Torvalds