Harlan T Wood

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The Trust Exchange is Landing

When I came back to the US in 2006 after studying for several years with a meditation school in Australia, I found myself the happy recipient of large-scale “downloads” of systems for global transformation through development of certain technologies – notably creative collaboration, trust and ratings exchanges, and information visualization systems.

I developed these ideas with my friends Adam Apollo and Jack Senechal over the course of several years, in numerous working sessions and impassioned conversations. The project that we saw as the capstone of this interlinked layer of ”enlightened structure” we called the Trust Exchange. An excerpt from our writings on the topic:

The Trust Exchange will amalgamate existing ratings from any source, feeding them into a free, open, globally distributed database. Instead of creating another proprietary “silo” containing your ratings and trust information, like so many existing online systems, the Trust Exchange is a simple and powerful open platform for humanity to exchange its trust information.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when my luminous change agent friend Shiloh Boss send me a link to an article by Venessa Miemis – who organized the delicious-looking Contact Summit last Thursday in NYC – called 10 Projects to Liberate the Web. The one that swept me off my feet was #13 (yes, out of 10) – Connect.me.

Connect.me serves up an easy to use – even slightly addictive – platform for “vouching” for people you know in various areas. For example, I vouched for my entrepreneur friend Tristan Kromer in the field of “lean startup”, and the EFF’s John Perry Barlow as a “thought leader”.

The folks at Connect.me have developed an excellent Trust Framework – in particular, I highly recommend their deeply thoughtful whitepaper The Personal Network. As a small sample, here are their “Trust Framework Assurances”:

Control: Only you decide who your personal data is shared with for what purpose

Peace of Mind: Your data will not being used without your permission

Freedom: You can always take your data with you and never be “locked in”

Let’s build the trust network on Connect.me together – these people have their values in absolutely the right place, including the important promise of data portability to other networks.